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Are Tree Services Expensive

How much are you willing to pay for the care and maintenance of your trees? When cost becomes an issue, then it is time to start doing your homework and start making a comparative analysis of the quotes and estimates given by companies and professional arborists. This will help you decide on an acceptable budget that will give your trees the maintenance they need without sending you to the poorhouse.

Tree services companies offer a variety of services from tree pruning and trimming to stump grinding, tree removal, and even tree surgery. The cost of these services varies since the kind of work performed differs as well. The height and size of the trees are also prime determinants of the estimates given by tree services companies. In addition, rates also depend on the quality of services provided by the companies and the experience of their professional arborists.

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Here is a standard guide on the costs usually charged by professional arborists depending on tree height and size: for trees reaching nearly 30 feet in height, this would usually cost $75 to $450 to prune and trim; for those over 30 feet but under 60 feet, around $150 to as high as $900; and for those over 60 feet in height, the cost would start somewhere around $200 to $1,000.

For removal of trees, those ranging under 30 feet in height would cost around $125 to $ 450, depending also on the surrounding area, particularly the clearance of buildings and utility lines. Trees exceeding 30 feet but under 60 feet would set one back around $200 up to$900 while those trees over 60 feet usually cost $950 to $1,500 to remove.

Companies usually charge around $100 to as high as $200 for stump grinding or removal services but there are also those that just do the job for free especially if they offer “package deals.” However, there are times when stumps are particularly stubborn, and specialized equipment would be needed to remove or grind the same. In such a case, companies charge separate fees in addition to standard tree services rates.

After trees are pruned, trimmed, or felled down, branches, wood, and other tree parts are left lying around the homeowner’s yard but tree services companies usually throw in cleaning jobs as part of the entire tree care and maintenance services provided. Nevertheless, should companies charge for clean-up work separately, this may cost you an additional $20 to $75 depending on the extent of the tidying up to be done.


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