America’s Vocabulary“Blaxican” – A word coined by combining the terms Black and Mexican is a term that is to be added to America’s vocabulary. It is used to denote descendants whose parents are black and Mexican. This term has been made popular by Melissa Adams of Lynwood, California. She explains that she uses this term to make others know of her mixed heritage, of which she is immensely proud of. Together with a group of other Blaxicans, they have created a project on social media sites to create awareness and make this term popular.

Blaxicans fall on either sides of the color spectrum. They either are black or white with several falling in between. The term Blaxican is not a new term and can be traced back to the 1980s. Blaxicans of LA is an Instagram account where Blaxicans of all ages share their experiences of having to grow up with a mixed racial heritage and how they were perceived in the society. This has helped several young Americans to embrace their heritage and to be immensely proud of it.

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