Scientists Identify Gene Turning Turning Grey is something that all of us dread. Till now, scientists were not clear of the reason why some people turn grey early while others have dark luscious locks for a longer period of time. Debates have blamed the reason on both stress and genetics. The real reason has eluded scientists in research for a long time.

Now, based on the findings of a recent study by Kasthubh Adhkari, a genetics post doctorate at University College, London, we are now able to pinpoint the exact gene that turns hair grey. As you age, lesser production in the pigment Melanin, leads to grey hair. Now scientists pinpoint the exact gene, IRF 4 as the culprit behind graying of hair.

Scientists Identify Gene Turning Your Hair GreyBut still further research is required to factor in the effect of this gene on various origins of people. The study says that genetics factor in around 30 percent for the cause of grey hair and other factors like stress, lifestyle and food habits contribute to the rest of the causes.

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