Pregnant WomenWith the outbreak of the Zika Virus in African countries, elimination of the presence of Zika is the first test taken by pregnant women especially in the states lining the Gulf coast. In states like Florida, Texas extra precaution is taken as several families earn their livelihood by working in offshore oil and mining companies in Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Zika virus is spread by the daytime Aldes mosquito causing new born children to be born with abnormally huge heads. Even though the mosquitoes carrying Zika virus have not yet caused an outbreak in the United States, doctors nevertheless advise their patients to remain on the cautionary side. Patients are first asked to fill a questionnaire regarding their recent international travel to eliminate any possibility of carrying strains of Zika virus.

Pregnant Women2A group of doctors in Houston have come together and opened a special clinic to carry screening tests for Zika among pregnant women. This initiative is to help doctors keep an eye for mosquito borne illness, especially among women who are pregnant or who plan to conceive if they have recently travelled to areas affected by the outbreak. Even though no cases of Zika have been reported in the US, doctors caution patients to be liberal with the usage of mosquito repellants, creams and to use mosquito nets and other preventive measures.

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