HIV as the Lead KillerA new study conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) has identified Tuberculosis (TB) as the lead infectious killer in the world for the last year. TB claimed a staggering amount of 1.5 million lives all over the globe with HIV/AIDS claiming 1.2 million lives. This new study now makes TB as the most infectious killer in the world replacing HIV which till now was considered as the most infectious killer.

However, the number of deaths taken by TB has reduced by a huge amount for the last twenty years. In addition, the number of deaths caused by HIV has even fallen more than that.

However, it is not all well in the case of TB as the new Multi Drug Resistant TB has claimed a huge amount of lives. This new strain of TB is resistant to several leading antibiotics and the new medicines are yet to be tested free of side-effects. The side-effects of this new drug are so severe that it even leads to permanent deafness in some patients.

Dr.Mario Raviglione, Director of WHO’s Global Health TB program is worried about the spread of Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) TB. One third f TB cases around the world are now MDR and the steps taken by governments are not effective enough to bring down the numbers. The director said in an official statement that governments and people are not aware of the seriousness of TB and it doesn’t attract the media attention as the other global killer HIV. Data findings by WHO report that approximately $6.6 billion was spent on drugs and other measures to prevent the spread of TB, whereas around $20.2 billion was spent on eradicating HIV/AIDS in third world countries.

This has led to TB not been taken seriously enough and caused further spread of the infection. Dr.Mario warns that TB is highly contagious as it spreads easily through air and drastic measures and sufficient awareness is needed to prevent the further spread of this infectious killer.

Donate Structures to Refugee CampDismaland, a theme park designed by an anonymous artist is to close its doors permanently. The theme park notoriously known as Bemusement Park is a satirical view of existing theme parks around the world. It was designed by an anonymous artist in Weston-super-Mare, England. Today the website of the park announced that, its structures are to be dismantled permanently and to be donated to a refugee camp located in Calais, Paris.

The park sold all the tickets for every single day of its five week run. The park offers a planned gloomy perspective and includes exhibits like a dead Cinderella, graffiti on its walls and figurines representing gory deaths. The name of the park Dismaland is supposed to be a parody of the ever popular family theme park Disneyland. But, Bansky the anonymous UK graffiti artist behind this project refutes that claim. He claims that the park is for people who want to experience an art exhibition without having to venture into an art gallery.

The park sold tickets for around 20 million Euros, which is to be contributed to fund the refugee crisis rampant in Europe. Also now, the announcement further adds to the contribution of the park to the refugee crisis.